About EFCF


The EUROPEAN FUEL CELL FORUM was founded in 1994 for the promotion of innovative knowhow, technology and solutions in field of energy using technical and scientific conferences, relevant literature and unbiased information from the media. From early on many highly successful conferences and exhibitions have been organised.

In 2011 Olivier Bucheli and Michael Spirig – both engineers and technology managers – created the EUROPEAN FUEL CELL FORUM AG to ensure the ongoing continuity and independence of the Forum.  The EUROPEAN FUEL CELL FORUM continues to be one of the most prominent meeting platforms for the exchange of scientific and technical information, as well as for the networking towards future solutions.

Beside the Fuel Cell, Electrolyser and Hydrogen Processing focused organisation of the EFCForum with Conference, Exhibition, Tutorials, Side  and Networking Events also other Symposia and Promotion Platforms like the GreenSalon were launched and organised. The EUROPEAN FUEL CELL FORUM is also active partner in national and European Projects (FCH-JU, Hoirizon 2020) and member in many associations.

The organisation is located in Lucerne and can be contacted at the following address:

Obgardihalde 2
CH-6043 Luzern-Adligenswil/Switzerland

Tel. +41 44 586 5644
Fax +41 43 508 0622