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The Electricity Marketis changing, opening opportunities for more flexibility in generation, storage and consumption. The integration of a large amount of new renewable energy sources poses great challenges for the European electricity grids & markets. Network reinforcement, market harmonisation and integration are both solutions and challenges for the various players in the electricity industry.

New technologies such as Power to X, Batteries, Demand Side Response DSR, Water Electrolysers, Fuel Cells and others compete or complement each other in terms of technical capabilities and economic performance. The integration of such new technologies and methods, to provide grid services and optimise the use of existing infrastructure, is changing the face of the electricity industry in the long term.

The 5th GSM-Symposiumaims to outline recent developments in the European grid service markets, to highlight advancements and challenges in international cooperation and to reflect the technological progress.  In addition, it reports on experiences and success stories, which support a rating of the performance, and future potential of new sustainable technologies.
The afternoon symposium will be held exclusively online as a virtual free highlight event. Two special guest keynote speakers will present top current topics regarding the grid service market industry. It continues with a virtual tour of an exciting grid service site. The site owner will address the potential for flexibility services, technical & financial aspects. The International Advisory Board (IAB) ensures that all presentations are of high quality.
Following the presentation, participants will interact with the presenters in a live “Q&A session”. Also other breakout networking spaces with hot topics will be opened to foster interaction within the community. Partici-pants benefit from a relaxed & comfortable atmosphere to share experiences & meet with international experts.

The 5thGSM-Symposium addresses grid and technology experts, scouts and managers from the electricity industry, administration bodies and researchers interested in the commercial aspects of grid services and new technologies. On the other side also experts from the above mentioned new technologies are addressed and requested to contribute to new technical integrations and propulsive business solutions. The international audience will exchange on market logic, regulations and harmonization activities, future trends, operations, technology capabilities, and long term business plans and other business related aspects of European grid service markets.

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– HSLU: Inst. for Innovation & Technology Management, CC Business Engineering
both Lucerne/Switzerland,

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