7th Grid Service Market symposium featuring Grid Flexibility & Business
1 - 2 July, KKL Lucerne, Switzerland


Chaired by: Prof. Christoph Imboden
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GSM 2024

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GSM 2024 – the 7th International Grid Service Market Symposium - will take place on 1 – 2 July 2024 in Lucerne, Switzerland at the stunning KKL (Culture and Congress Centre) on the shores of Lake Lucerne. On site participation is strongly encouraged as the most effective way to exchange ideas, network, generate ideas and start partnerships for the future.

GSM 2024 will outline recent developments in the European grid service markets, highlight the regulatory hurdles and reflect on the technological progress. The main focus of the symposium will be optimal integration of new renewable energy sources, which is one of the great challenges for the European electricity grids & markets. Network reinforcement, market harmonization and integration are both solutions and problems in one for the various players in the electricity industry. The integration of new technologies and methods to provide grid services and optimise the use of existing infrastructure is changing the face of the electricity industry in the long term.

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In addition GSM 2024 is connected with the well-respected annual conference series, the European Electrolyser and Fuel Cell Forum (www.EFCF.com) at the same venue.